Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Babydoll Dress

I made this dress in Sydney while I was waiting for my partner to recover from an operation. It is quite a winter dress so not a great deal of opportunity for wearing it in Far North Queensland...maybe a bush doof at Kuranda or mid winter on the Tablelands.

The design is by Amy O'Neill Houck who can be found on Facebook here.

I found it wandering the web published in a book by Kim Werker called Crochet Me: Designs to Fuel the Crochet Revolution.

You can have a look inside it at this link below:

This is a beautiful book and there are a heap of designs I still want to make when I have time...

Monday, 27 January 2014

Kendra Bag 2

My lovely sister in law has taken some beautiful shots of some of my crochet work with the help of a gorgeous friend: this is the Kendra bag from my previous post:

Heather's photography can be found at Heather Miller Facebook


This lovely waistcoat I made for me to wear at my brother's wedding where I was fortunate enough to be a bridesmaid (never been one before!). It is a pale pink made of a bamboo cotton blend. It was a pattern from Garnstudio which has hundreds of gorgeous free crochet patterns.

Here is the link for the free pattern at Garnstudio:

White Rose Bag

I made this bag which I call the White Rose bag. It is one of the beautiful free patterns available at Garnstudio

Here is the link for the Garnstudio pattern:

Monday, 20 January 2014

Yarn paintings

Wow it is incredible what people can do with yarn...

I had to read it for myself to believe it but these 'oil paintings' are actually made of yarn - check out the link below 

Monday, 13 January 2014

Naj Upcycled Clothing

This beautiful work popped up today - handmade and hand died women's and children's clothing with  (of course!) crochet highlights :) you can find the Facebook link below...

Naj Upcycled Clothing

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Mad Mamas Funky Junk

I found this gorgeous work on a page on Facebook which I wanted to share - check it out! Beautiful rainbow coloured toys, clothes and home decor made with recycled materials.

Mad Mamas Funky Junk

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Almond Blossom Bag - 2

The Lily Sugar & Cream yarn is here! All the way from Des Plaines, Illinois to Cairns, Queensland. All I need now is the handles and time to finish it :)

It is a great yarn to work with in crochet as the work sits firmly but is still relatively soft and the yarn slides off the hook nicely.

Almond Blossom Bag - 1

Ok stop the press!! Is this not the cutest crochet bag you have ever seen??

This is a free pattern from one of my favourite blogs Colour in a Simple Life - Almond Blossom Bag.

Of course there are lots of variations on the net...

So this is another ongoing project of mine :)

I am using a gorgeous cotton called Lily Sugar & Cream which I have only been able to get for a reasonable price and full range from Yarnspirations in the USA! My first order was not enough to finish the project so I am waiting on my next order which is taking ages. It is hard to find pretty cotton yarn colours in Australia. If you check out the Yarnspirations link above you find about a cazillion free crochet patterns too.

Just look at some of the beautiful colours you can get Lily Sugar &Cream in!

African Flower Owl Cushion

This is my Maggie Owl cushion which I made from a pattern from Jo's Crocheteria which can be purchased here. I actually made most of it up from looking at pictures but in the end I couldn't work out how to join it so I bought the pattern. It sits on my front porch to welcome guests :)

I have a particular fetish for owls so they will feature in this blog. 

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Japanese Flower Bag - 1

During my many meanderings on the net I found a picture of this bag on the cover of this Japanese Crochet book....

Then I found people had made many versions of it...

I fell in love and just had to make it for myself. So I have now made a start on it. Only 66 flowers to go...

There are blogs that have tutorials for this pattern such as Meladora's Creations and Future Girl Craft Blog project Flower Purse.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Flower Cardigan for girl

I made this flower cardigan from a free pattern by +Vendulka Maderska at Magic With Hook and Needles which you can find here.

My daughter loves it! I used scrap colours I had left in Patons Regal 4ply cotton which don't have the same lovely rainbow colours that are in the original pattern.

Floral Cloche pattern

Check out this beautiful pattern for a cloche hat by +Crochet Today (free pattern)

Another one I made for my daughter and again she only got to wear it in New Zealand (I think we live in the wrong climate to have this crochet fetish ??)

Girls flower poncho


Have you seen any designs by Candi Jensen? She has some gorgeous books Candy Tots and Candy Crochet which I borrowed from the library but I would like to buy at some stage (I have an ever expanding library of crochet books...)

Here is the Amazon link for both books:

Candy Tots is the book that has the poncho pattern.

Again there is not a lot of call for ponchos in the far north of Queensland! But my daughter did get a bit of use on our trip to New Zealand the year before last. 

Kendra Bag 1

Found this lovely pattern on +Etsy  and made this one. It looks complicated but it is not too hard if you know bobble stitch and you can make it up quickly too. The pattern is by +Shana Galbraith and can be purchased here.

I made this bag with acrylic 8 ply yarn from my favorite shop Spotlight.

Crochet dress for little girl

A client wanted a dress made for her little girl - I gave her a few photos of dresses from the net and she picked this one from craft ideas:

The above link gives you a bit of the detail for the yoke and the skirt pattern is below

And here is how it turned out (the client selected the colours yellow and brown for a retro 60's feel (only later did a cousin point out that they are AFL Hawthorne colours :)

I made a little matching headband with flower for her too :) I had to muck around with the yoke as there were no real pattern directions about how many stitches - I pulled it about 4 times! If I did it again I would make more stitches around the yoke so it had a fuller skirt.

African flower cushion

Crochet is sooo great for presents! (Mostly for girls of course). I made an African flower cushion for my mother in law for Christmas:

See my previous post for a link to Moogly's roundup of African flower patterns.


African flower pillow

This took me so long to make it almost broke me! But it was for a paying client so I toughed it out. There are so many free African Flower patterns on the net here are a couple I found:

Also of course there is the wonderful Moogly round up of free African flower patterns:

Anyway I was quite happy with the result and thankfully the client was too :)