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I am enchanted by crochet and have been crocheting since I was about 6 ( with many long breaks in between). My mum taught me at a time when we lived a very basic life in the bush in Far North Queensland (Australia) with no electricity tv or even proper walls! Amazing how we used to amuse ourselves before all the gadgets of modern life... Even my dad crocheted a few things. Mum got married in a dress crocheted by my Nana Miller.

Mum and Dad's wedding 22 May 1971

I started crocheting again with a vengeance a few years ago and I discovered an absolute cornucopia of crochet patterns on the net! I couldn't believe how beautiful and advanced crochet had become since the rather basic bulky or granny square hippie crochet that I remember from childhood. Still love the hippie or gypsy crochet patterns though!

I have been collecting patterns for a couple of years and making and adapting them for my own use. I have sold a few pieces which was such an honour. I thought I would share some of the lovely (free)
patterns I have found and point you in the direction of my favorite beautiful ones you can purchase at the same time as showing some of my own work (which you can also purchase). I haven't officially got to the point of designing my own patterns but it is close! When I get around to it I will put them up on this blog.

If you would like me to make anything you see to buy it I would be thrilled! If you find a pattern and contact me I will make it for you for an agreed price :) Happy crocheting!

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